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The Sleeveless Winter Coat

image4xxlWhen autumn or winter arrive in Los Angeles, you’re in for a special treat. Not the Halloween trick-or-treat kind, although that kind of dress up is always too much fun to pass on. It’s the comfort of the apparel that satisfies our style. Picture coats, faux-fur, loose knits and Uggs overlooking an ocean’s view and the heights of distant mountain snowy resorts of Los Angeles’ Big Bear and Mammoth. It’s all in perfect harmony for a Southern Californian winter.
At the beginning of each cold season we look through the fall/winter fashion collections and most of the time our favorite models are styled too light for the cold reality of your Fahrenheit scale. You’re left buying a “winter coat” that’s mostly wearable in spring and unless it comes in a pale soft color, it will most likely not match the primavara’s renaissance spirit. Each style matches the rhythm of seasons and its landscapes. A true winter coat will never replace a spring coat, no matter how thin and soft its texture.
In Southern California all that is possible – wearing lighter winter clothes – a pair of UGS with shorts? Absolutely! So is a sleeveless coat, a little black dress and boots without leggings. Yes, a winter dress without leggings, just like in the catalog pictures! Although it gets chilly during fall and winter, Southern California mostly has no limits when styling our outfits. If you’ve seen it advertised anywhere, most likely there’s a chance you can wear it, look great, feel comfortable and season appropriate. In part it’s also due to the fact that we mostly get around in cars equipped with air conditioning and heating systems, but that’s a story for another post.
Blogs like Kayture, Gal Meets Glam and Song of Style inspire the fashionista in me. I try to keep up with their vast fashion portfolio every week. But until Aimee Song’s last post for the month of October, I wasn’t aware that there is such style called a vest coat. Aimee calls it the “sleeveless coat” and I like the idea. It matches our comfort needs just perfectly. It is fun, new and realistically possible to wear in most of Southern California’s weather or warmer winter climates.
Aimee paired her long grey coat with a black edgy leather skirt and handbag. The city cowboy boots blend in this “Southern Korean city look” like a pair of driving gloves and a vintage 1950’s Mercedes driving along the Pacific Coast Highway. Many people don’t realize the fashion bloggers’ expertise in making these outfits stand out and tell a story. Aimee’s styles and stories are among my favorites. I only wish I could ask her or ask you, who invented the idea of a (sleeveless) vest coat? Who was bold enough to free off its sleeves?

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