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The New Americana: Model Alyssa Olivar

The New Americana: Model Alyssa Olivar

It has been almost half a century since the world’s first supermodels statuesque silhouettes elevated the fashion industry to new standards. From beauty to unique visuals, these women, Naomi Campell, Cindy Crawford, Tyra Banks, Kate Moss, and many more, today in the eyes of a new generation have transformed from super models into role models. We find ourselves pondering at fashion industry’s next move, breathtakingly awaiting Instagram’s breaking news on the next raw-talented emerging character, the face and voice that matches her or his generation’s design.

A few miles away from what we know as the La La Land, Hollywood, you find that inspiration in model Alyssa Olivar. The soft pronunciation of her name gracefully matches her poise and determination. Her sharp eyes meet today’s fashion standard to steadily engage in changing it. At eighteen she has been modeling for only three years, having started with the Miss Quinceñera Magazine and later winning Miss Simpatica. Indie and raw designers such as the Tina Summers Label, Sake Clothing, designer Stephanie Burkhalter and publisher/hairstylist’s Donna Dyson, have given the aspiring model a chance on true merit, that of dedication and talent.

Maybe it’s not coincidental that last month Alyssa celebrated her high school prom at the Palladium on a Hollywood red carpet theme. Her dreams sit on Los Angeles’ artistic platform. There is also an entrepreneur side to her dreams. In the next few years, Alissa plans on taking leadership within a business undergraduate major. To add, the sweetest detail to Olivar’s story? Her number one fan and mother Luly Escandon. They go together to most fashion shows and events. For both, the fashion industry experience is a dream come true, culminating at the end of the day in many hours spent to develop one of modeling’s most promising portfolios.

Diamonds Mirror: Alyssa, what is modeling?

Alissa Olivar: Art of the body showcasing clothing’s art. You’re expressing something through a person.

DM: What were your dreams growing up?

AO: An actress on Disney Channel. It also motivated a film side of me. I used to take my mom’s camera as a kid and produce stories with my cousins.

DM: Favorite photoshoot themes?

AO: Street wear with an urban setting. A place where models are characters in a story.

DM: Favorite career destination:

AO: Italy. It has many culturally beautiful fashion photoshoot locations.

DM: Favorite designer:

AO: Elie Saab. The designs are elegant and fairytale like. He’s my go to model.

DM: Whether small or big, have you had a life changing experience?

AO: Dysona’s theatrical fashion show. It was empowering to women and cultures. It was more than runway. They had statue like characters that stopped and posed once the music started playing as part of a gallery show. It inspired me to look more into the meaning of my work.

DM: What fuels your inspiration?

AO: Storytelling.

DM: If you could walk in the shoes of a veteran model…

AO: Naomi Campbell. She’s empowering!

DM: How do you envision the future of the fashion industry?

AO: There will be more opportunity. It will change me as a model and person, with designers bringing more unique looks. Tall and skinny will change too. I do hope at least that it changes. Everyone should be given a chance to runway.

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