Stephanie Burkhalter Gives Wings to California’s Fashion



Lately, more people in Los Angeles have been wondering who Stephanie Burkhalter is. The Burkhalter Couture echoes just enough Parisian finesse. But it’s her Burkhalter style that surprises and awakens something special. Originally from Switzerland, this free cultured woman credits California and its Los Angeles for love, happiness and flower power.

The Burkhalter Couture’s latest fashion line Californication resonates like a 21st century Hollywood teen movie. And we are almost right on that point. The colorful vibes create a forever sweet 16 ambient for any woman – a style that revives the way we see fashion, our wardrobes and lives. “I see California as a piece of love and draw all my clothes with a free spirit. I see California very happy and full of opportunities,” says Stephanie.

A former Ford agency model, Stephanie considers herself a designer at heart and a student of colors. Today in search of her newly found American dream she is reviving fashion, and in a State that thrives on beautiful landscapes and summers. Her silk dresses come adorned in flowers, bows and sparkle. The result is a contrast that reaches to mirror and uplift her clients’ emotions. “Through this collection, I try to pass a message of positivity and happiness. I trust that colors heal people. If you wear black every day, it’s going to be dark. Color grows on your brain,” says Stephanie.


Tonight – before she premiers her junior fashion line in Orlando, Miami this June – Stephanie runs around in sneakers and no make-up all naturale – in preparation for the Socially Luxe red carpet and Burkhalter Couture fashion show. The designer looks stunning in front of the camera but has an eye’s hawk backstage. She sews, organizes, interviews for the media and accommodates her models. Such executive sense of fashion comes only with decades of experience. “It has been a long life of learning,” says Stephanie.

Modeling for her continues to be a source of inspiration. Studying fashion design at the Marangoni Institute in Milan was perhaps the inevitable path to solidify and release her imagination. “I’ve always loved drawing and creating from an early age. But when you wear the clothes, you start to understand how it works and develop an eye for fashion.”

“I see California as a piece of love and draw all my clothes with a free spirit.

I see California very happy and full of opportunities.”

 Fashion is only the glazing on the cake next to the joyful emotions which Stephanie awakens and exhibits through her (handmade) couture. In other words, this is much more than fashion. The Malibu resident loves her newfound home in Los Angeles enough to have created the Burkhalter Couture Angels. With a passion for traveling and exploring cultures, the city of angels seems to be the perfect gateway to creating such unique designs.

“I am in Los Angeles, my collections are inspired by Los Angeles and I thought okay, my models are going to be girls that bring positive vibes, love and light to the people,” says Stephanie.

Socially Luxe Soiré Premier – A Red Carpet Affair, hosted by the heartwarming Davi Davenport gathered some of the most interesting names in Hollywood for an evening of networking, fashion and music. At the epicenter of the event was Stephanie. A tall Swiss figure with bright blue eyes reminiscent of past Gucci runway shows, today sporting a revived Michael Jackson like style coat in perfect contrast with her angels. While Stephanie stole the show in her naturale glamour, just as she wished, the Bulkhalter Couture Angels added sparks of smiles and color to an audience surprised by its happy design initiative.


The dresses, especially the sideway hats, carry a unique Californian royal air. The towering shoes are as glamorous as they are pillow comfortable. It can’t be a coincidence that her designs are as aesthetically beautiful as they are crafted with Swiss exactitude. Stephanie, mentions California’s and Switzerland’s landscapes, flowers, seas and lights as relaxation tools and inspiration for her designs. A new fashionista might be misled to believe that any if not most designers are inspired by such elements. But look at Stephanie’s Californication fashion line long enough and you will understand how perfectly she has mirrored every detail in the nature that surrounds her. If we can be sure of anything when it comes to the Burkhalter Couture, is of Stephanie’s element of surprise.

With such statements alone she is changing the face of fashion and adding a refreshing smile to it too.





A special thank you to Bon Vivant Society Worldwide Founder Meshi Davis for welcoming Diamonds Mirror to the Socially Luxe Soiré Premier event.


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